Don’t Fall for “Exclusive” Eyewear That Everyone Wears

We were browsing the web the other day and came across a store promoting “exclusive” eyewear.

The site was loaded with the same old mainstream brands. The same stuff so many other stores carry. The same stuff everybody is wearing.

What’s “exclusive” about that? Frustrating.

Maybe by “exclusive,” they meant “over-priced” — as in you pay for the brand, not the quality.

When we think of “exclusive,” we think unique, one-of-a-kind, unavailable elsewhere, special.

You won’t find truly exclusive eyewear in dozens of online shops, the big-box stores, national chains or other ordinary retailers.

That’s because exclusive eyewear is made of premium materials, in limited quantities.

Why Does It Matter?

Truly exclusive eyewear is better.

It lasts longer and requires fewer repairs. (When shopping, ask, “What is this frame made of? How long do you expect these frames to last?”)

But more importantly, exclusive eyewear is TRULY UNIQUE so those who wear it stand out.

It’s OK if that doesn’t matter to you. If you want to wear the same available-everywhere eyewear that everyone else has, you can do that. Such eyewear is easy to find.

If You Want to Stand Out…

…if you want to make a fashion statement…

…if you would like it if others ask, “Where’d you get those great frames?…

…if you crave something unique and special…

…then you want to shop where you can find TRULY EXCLUSIVE eyewear…

…where certified opticians will help you find eyewear that is uniquely YOU.

Eyewearhaus offers a large variety of eyewear much of which is TRULY exclusive to us in the St. Louis area, such as, Lindberg, Roger, and Rigards . Our ABO (American Board of Opticians) Certified Opticians can confidently and easily answer any questions that you may have about our Hand Crafted Eyewear lines; guiding you to a frame that is as unique as you are!

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