When a Young One has Eyewear Needs, We Deliver No Matter the Situation!

I noticed young Hayden across the room at Church recently. He wasn’t wearing his usual pair of eyeglasses.

(We opticians notice that sort of thing).

I asked him, “What happened?” and he told me he broke the glasses when rough-housing with his brothers.

(Things happen).

He liked those glasses and wanted to replace them. But when his mom called the optometry office where she bought them, the clerk shrugged, said they no longer could find the frame. He didn’t lift a finger to help in any way.

That seems to happen too often in this business.

But that’s not how we roll at Eyewearhaus.

We are not store mere clerks, pulling mass-produced glasses from the stock-room. We are personal shoppers, fashion experts (we call our opticians “fashionistas”), and technicians who get to know our customers’ wishes, guide them to the best solution, and serve them tirelessly if issues arise.   

I sprung into action first thing Monday morning. I called the frame vendor.

Sure enough, they no longer carried Hayden’s exact frame.

But rather than shrug and give up, I asked a simple question: “Do you have the frame in a different color.”

Yes, they did.


I knew the little guy would be fine with changing up the color so I told the vendor, “Order one up, please.”

When I told Hayden we could replace his glasses, he was pumped!

That’s why we treat Eyewearhaus clients so well. We pamper them because…

…when they’re pumped, we’re pumped.

A few days after Hayden received his new glasses, I got a card in the mail…

…Hand-drawn from Hayden.

The cover said, “Thank you, Trichel” with a big red heart and a drawing of glasses.

Inside, the following message: “I’m so grateful that you were able to get my glasses. It makes a big different in my life. Thank you…”

You’re welcome, Hayden. We’re very happy to find the glasses you want.

That goes for you and for every customer in the Eyewearhaus family.