When A Delay Is A Good Thing!

A few weeks ago, we kept one of our clients waiting for a new pair of eyewear. 

He couldn’t be happier. We couldn’t be prouder. 

We know. It seems odd to brag about leaving a client waiting. But the client, Chris, explains what happened. 

“Recently I purchased a pair of frames for my wife. With the pandemic, it took some extra time for them to return from the factory. When they did, my representative sent them back because, as she stated “They didn’t pass MY inspection.”

Chris trusts us…

…Because we’ve earned his trust. We take care of him, rather than simply going for the sale.

He understood that the pandemic has caused production and delivery delays. So he tolerated that delay. 

But he really appreciated the next delay. 

You see, we could have shrugged off the issue we spotted with that eyewear. 

We could have delivered his eyewear to him, and he might not have noticed any issue. 

No more delay. “No harm done.” 

But that’s not how we operate. 

We expect perfection from our suppliers, and we deliver perfection to our clients. 

Chris and his wife wish they didn’t have to wait longer for the eyewear. But they’re grateful that we stood up for perfection. 

Any time a pair of eyewear doesn’t pass our inspection we reject the eyewear and it must be restarted. Yes, this means that the eyewear will take more time. But, we don’t expect our clients to wear eyewear that we would not wear ourselves.

Chris wearing his Limited Edition Peter Coombs “Tiers” Eyewear!

It’s all about taking care of you. 

Chris puts it best: “What truly makes the difference for me is the ultimate customer service experience. Customer care develops relationships and loyalty. It’s a pleasure to spend hard earned money with a company that values me as a person. Eyewearhaus Inc. will always take good care of me and those I love.“

In case you think that’s just throw-away marketing fluff from a customer we asked for a testimonial, you should know one more thing about Chris. 

He and his family live hundreds of miles away! They used to live in St. Louis, but they moved a while back.

Yet, they keep coming back to eyewearhaus…

…because it’s not just the best eyewear boutique in St. Louis. It’s the best anywhere.

Chris and his family travel extra miles now to shop at eyewearhaus because he knows we will go the extra mile for him. 

Do you want to have an optical team who will go the extra mile?

Do you want to feel like family instead of just a number?

Then do as Chris does! Shop eyewearhaus!