When a Client Says, “Woo! I Can See!” You Know You Hit a HOME RUN

A very excited client came in to pick up her newest eyewear on Friday night.

She eagerly put on her new Lara D’ eyewear and her face instantly brightened.

“Woo! I can see!” she exclaimed.

It’s About Vision… AND Fashion

She was so amazed at how clearly she could see with her new Digital Progressive Lenses that she almost forgot to check out how she looked in them!

The frame was gorgeous on her. Not surprisingly, when she finally looked in the mirror she gushed,

“They are SOOO BEAUTIFUL!” she said

The Mirror Isn’t the Only One Watching You

The day she ordered her eyewear, she’d given her friends a sneak peak. Who could blame her for wanting to share her fun, new look!?

“I showed all of my friends and they were blown away,” she said

That’s what we like to hear.

Fashionable eyewear is not just for you and your mirror. It’s for those around you who “Oooh” and “Ahh” and tell you how great you look.

We love hearing from clients who tell us about all the compliments they receive.

Sure, eyewear is about improved vision (and/or sun protection).

But Eyewearhaus eyewear is about so much more. It’s about being the ONE everybody notices. It’s about making them think, “Where did she buy that eyewear?”

Our customers are never boring. So when they notice how beautiful they look in their eyewear — and when others notice, too — we know, we’ve done our job. We know we’ve hit a HOME RUN

Photo of Lara D’ eyewear Provided by https://www.laradeyewear.com/en/metal/