We Are Moving Forward!

While walking on my treadmill last week I decided to catch a pod cast Oprah did. The topic was Gratitude.

Oprah wanted to get opinions of how one would define Gratitude and after listening to the 30 minute podcast; I was provoked in thought.

Don’t you love when you hear a podcast or documentary that really makes you think? I Do.

According to SuperSoul Conversations PodCast; Gratitude is to “learn from and appreciate the lessons that we learn from any and all incidents in our lives”. 

How Relevant, I thought!

I stood there in my basement recalling all of the challenging days that I had previously, and how I didn’t appreciate the lessons that were taught as a result.

Here is an example… My lunch burned.

It happened fast!

But, because it burned, my husband and I worked together to quickly prepare another meal; and we had a few good laughs, at my expense, while doing it. For that, I am Grateful.

I as you read this, you may recall the many ways in which you are grateful no matter how large or small, I encourage you to pause for a moment to bring them to the front of your mind because as we all can relate, there is a lot we would like to put behind us from the past 12 months.

Make room in front for the little things, because they soon become the big things in life.

Move Forward!

I know I’m pushing forward this year; all of us at eyewearhaus are!

Take a look at this heartfelt video from your favorite Fashionistas to see how we are Looking Forward in 2021.

Sylvia Martin, ABOC