Vinyl Factory

Like the music that constantly inspires it, the Vinyl Factory collection’s vintage eyewear offers all kinds of style to thrill you with pleasure in the form of stunningly elegant spectacles – retro, classic or extravagant – manufactured with the greatest care and attention to detail.

True to its roots, Vinyl Factory takes us back to an earlier time and re-interprets classic and iconic models for today’s style conscious wearers. Its unique design gets you into a pop and retro mood with evocative names and product detailing such as golden disc inserts and electric guitar neck shaped temple tips.

The Style of Vinyl Factory

Vinyl Factory’s vintage eyewear will never pass unnoticed. With a collection of over 250 styles available in the USA, including Vinyl Factory ophthalmic frames, the all polarized sunglasses and the brand new Icons collection, the line offers a style for every occasion.

Vinyl Factory Features

All the collections are supported by an outstanding marketing program to maximize the in-store visibility and allow opticians to deliver the Vinyl Factory spirit in their store. The eye catching POS material includes Vinyl discs, counter-cards, polarized tester, banners and large window stickers in multiple sizes to adapt to every store. And because Vinyl Factory sees things like no others, because music fuels its creative energy, the brand has developed its own line of accessories such as headphones, speakers and portable LP Players to showcase the frames in the stores.


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