Unique Eyewear is Like Fine Whisky

Limited Edition Eyewear is like that first sip of Scotch; Bold, Rich, and Strong. At eyewearhaus™ we have an extensive selection of Limited Edition Collections. Each collection is just as unique as the regions that make their bold Whisky; they have their own flavor, presence, and spirit.


The vessel from which you consume whisky can be just as unique and distinctive as the whisky itself. It allows the aromas to come together and the color to take center stage. Davette Lunettes extremely limited French collection is the perfect vessel to express yourself. Perfectly imperfect this eyewear is designed to flatter and inspire the wearer.

Just as developing the perfect whisky takes much thought and construction so, too, does developing a Geometrically sound pair of eyewear. Piero Massaro has perfected the harmony of Color and Architecture with this beautiful Limited Edition pair of Italian Crafted Eyewear. Number 40 of 100 pieces offered internationally, this piece of eyewear is one of a kind!

Whisky lovers refer to its “notes,” the unique elements of its flavor profile. Peter Coombs eyewear strikes all the right notes, putting it all together to create a wonderful whole. Jewelry for the face, pulling together the entire look! Fashioned in Australia of long lasting titanium this one of a kind pair of eyewear is perfect to pull together any evening (or daytime) attire. Number 37 of 99 pieces offered globally.

To create the perfect whisky cocktail one must have an understanding of balance in flavors. Jeremy Tarian understands this same balance applies to his Limited Edition eyewear collections. The colors, materials, and shapes must all be balanced to create a comfortable, stylish, and unique pair of eyewear. Rest assured nothing has been left to chance with this beautifully crafted French eyewear. Number 132 of 500 pieces offered world wide.