Timex Eyewear

This company, famous for its watches, adds depth and character to their collection of timepieces with unique yet sophisticated men’s frames. Accommodating needs for men of all sizes paired with neutral, yet unique color schemes and innovative materials, Timex frames, much like the company’s notorious timepieces, will withstand the test of time.

The Style of Timex Eyewear

Timex Eyewear is trend setting, yet professional. These frames offer multiple sizes and quietly unique color schemes all while providing the utmost comfort and durability. Ingenious technological treatments and materials such as titanium and stainless steel ensure an everlasting frame. From thick, chunky frames to thin, totally rimless models, we feel certain you will find a style that suits your everyday needs.

Timex Eyewear Features

Timex Collection

Utilizing the newest technologies and most innovative materials such as titanium and acetate, this collection offers clean lines and impeccable style.

MAX Collection

This line offers a stylish solution to the larger man’s conundrum of the lack of styles to choose. With eye sizes upward of 61mm, this line provides trendy yet classic looks for every man.

Stretch Collection

Using highly durable and flexible titanium, the Stretch collection is the top choice for lightweight, yet long-wearing frames.



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