Taxi Eyewear

The Studio 3 Occhiali brand is one of the biggest names in eyewear in Italy. President and CEO of Studio 3 Occhiali Roberto Comelli grew up in Milan, Italy and was always inspired by the art that was produced there. To this day, when creating eyewear he finds inspiration from the great Italian designers such as Versace, Valentio and Giorgio Armani. Comelli describes the company philosophy with 4 pillars: innovation, distinctive design, construction and functionality. It’s these 4 pillars that have brought them international acclaim and allowed them to create 3 distinct brands, one of them being Taxi Eyewear.

​“You won’t find it in a mall.”

This is the quote to sum up the Studio 3 Occhiali brand known as Taxi Eyewear. This is a brand that is put on paper by the best Italian designers and brought to life by the best Italian manufactures resulting in the best of the best in Italian Eyewear.

The Style of Taxi Eyewear

The Taxi Eyewear style has been described by its creators as “smart casual.” If you’re the kind of person that considers themselves cultural and sociable these frames will fit you like a glove. Not clear enough? Here’s some situations that you might find yourself in day to day: writing in a coffee shop, getting a repair done at the Apple Store, visiting a museum, or seeing a play just to name a few. These are just a few of the options that come to mind.

​Taxi designs bring the latest in fashion awareness and daring design right to you. Each Taxi frame is manufactured with the highest quality acetates and metals

Taxi Eyewear Features

Currently, Taxi Eyewear offers a small array of eyeglasses made to suit any individual that may be considered smart or casual. These frames are hand painted and manufactured with superior craftsmanship to ensure that the frames you select are perfect.


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