“What I like is to let my free spirit tell a story.”

​Jeremy Tarian is a true artist with a lifetime of success ahead of him and he’s off to a great start with his brand new collection of exciting, bold frames. When creating eyewear Tarian’s goal is the same as when he’s creating any other piece of art; to create something that people have never seen before, something that will inspire the wearer’s creativity and push their perception.

​The entire process is overseen by Tarian himself to make sure that every aspect is his exact vision. From the initial design phase to production to delivery of the frames, all has to be perfect because service, to Tarian, is as important as the product itself.

The Style of Tarian

Tarian frames are designed to arouse curiosity and a sense of fun. High spirited frames with bright personalities to suit anybody.

These frames are crafted in the Jura region of France, which has a reputation for crafting the highest quality of frames.

Tarian Features

Just like art, Tarian frames are exquisite and rare. They’re like the Mona Lisa. In fact, if you combined the two it would be the most exquisite and rare art in the whole world. Plus Mona Lisa wearing sunglasses would be pretty radical, right? Tarian eyewear is rare and unique. They are limited to only 500 units of each model guaranteeing you a unique piece of art. So, here are the options that you need to grab fast before you miss them.

Optical Acetate and metal Collection

A collection of both highly colorful frames and more modern darker frames. Whichever you decide on you can be sure that you’re wearing art. These frames come in a variety of materials including high quality acetate and metal.

Sunglasses Acetate and metal Collection

Bold, artistic sunglasses for men and women alike that are sure to attract some attention. Just be sure to wear your “No Flash Photography” sign when you’re wearing them near the paparazzi.

360° Collection

Tarian’s first collection made in collaboration with fellow artist Judith Sönnicken. These frames feature a full 360° view. This is done by making 33% of the lenses reflective. The 360° design was originally designed as spy technology.



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