Spring Is In The Air!

Spring signifies freshness and newness!

The fashion industry is ever-changing and SPRING is one of the most exciting times of year for it!

That is why we love fashion; the new exciting colors, trends, and must-have looks!

As the industry is evolving we at eyewearhaus are developing right along with it.

We become exposed to new materials, shapes, and eyewear concepts for more unique hand-crafted eyewear to share with you.

Just as the caterpillar sheds its cocoon and transforms into a beautiful butterfly; eyewearhaus must also “shed” some eyewear brands to make room for all of the new and different collections.

Out with Last Season

As we have only so much space we will be transitioning from some beloved collections.

But, don’t fret!

You can find last season’s hand-crafted designer eyewear in our “Last Season’s Selection” at very attractive pricing.

In With New And Exciting

A couple exciting additions that you can look forward to are:

Johann Von Goisern (JVG)

Hand Crafted in Austria. JVG offers exuberant colorways in modern shapes.


Our newest addition. Paradigm offers a modern approach to classic eyewear design. If you are new to eyewear or searching for an “easy to wear” pair of eyewear Paradigm is a great option.

Along with the addition of these extraordinary eyewear collections…

We are also excited to announce that our other collections are seeing new additions!

Roger has released an exciting collection called “Pop Art”. 

Roger has never done boring…. and that couldn’t be more true than with this newest collection! 

This eyewear WILL get you noticed……for the right reasons!

BlackFin has also released new contemporary pieces.

Tarian, Lara D, Diva and many more collections are seeing beautiful fresh new eyewear just in time for Spring and Summer!

What to expect during a visit to eyewearhaus?

Masks are mandatory. We miss seeing your smiling faces, but, we ask that you please wear your masks.

We continue to offer the high standard of clean and safe shopping experience that you all have come to expect.

Patio Service is still an option to try on eyewear without a mask at a safe social distance. 

And, of course, we encourage all of our clients to schedule an appointment. Whether you plan to shop or you need your annual exam please schedule an appointment. We want to ensure ALL of our clients get the most out of their visit; without feeling rushed.

We look forward to seeing you for you next pair of fabulous hand-crafted unique eyewear!