Scratches Are Like Ants…

They both come out of now where…

Allow me to set the scene.

It’s a lovely afternoon.

The sun is shining.

Your lunch is delicious and nutritious.

You are at peace enjoying your lunch ALONE.

Then here comes this line of critters who act as though they own the place trying to invade upon your peace of mind and your LUNCH! 

Where did they come from?

Scratches are just like those ants!

You’re going about enjoying your day and then you notice it.


But how?



They came out of nowhere! Or so it seems…

Scratches can be caused by many factors.

The most common is improper cleaning and/or storage.

But, what about those instances where we do everything right?

What happened with this pair of eyewear? The client took care of cleaning and storage!

Those Pesky Scratches!

The owner of this eyewear is diligent in its care. Properly cleaning and storing the eyewear as encouraged by all of us at eyewearhaus. 

So where did these pesky scratches come from?

The sunglass visor in the car!

Can you BELIEVE it!? 

Neither could we!

Yes, this visor caused these scratches! But how?

Well, simply put, over time the vibrations of driving caused the lenses to rub on the material inside the visor. That’s how these odd round scratches came to be. 

How do we avoid this?

I never would have thought the visor could have caused this sort of damage.

Lucky, we offer a 2-year warranty with most eyewear purchased at eyewearhaus!

But, it had me thinking about how could we store our eyewear in our cars to avoid this happening again.

I recommend storing your eyewear in the eyewear case that was provided with the eyewear. 

And if that isn’t an option wrap your eyewear in a microfiber cloth before putting them into the sunglass visor in the car.


In conclusion, scratches ARE like ants.

They come out of nowhere and are incredibly annoying!

But, when we plan (carrying an eyewear case or microfiber cloth) we might just be able to avoid further aggravation and damage!