The story of Sasura Eyewear is a bit like a treasure hunt. They searched far and wide all across the globe to discover what women really want out of their prescription glasses and sunglasses. Surprisingly what they found wasn’t something material. It wasn’t solid gold, diamond encrusted frames or space age technology. It was individuality. Women want eyewear that can express who they are so that’s what Sasura created.

​Sasura Eyewear has created frames that can be completely unique each time you wear them. They are best described as charm jewelry eyewear. The temples of all of Sasura’s frames can be fitted for a plethora of jewels and charms. They are still a new company, but the Sasura name is catching on and women everywhere are using Sasura to express their individuality.

The Style of Sasura

The style of Sasura is sophisticated and personal. You’ll always look great in a pair of Sasura frames whether you’re going for a bike ride or attending a wedding. Then with a shake of your head you’ll show off your own unique flare picked out specifically for today’s mood and occasion.

High quality acetate and metal frames that can be outfitted with tons of different jewels and charms.

Sasura Features

Sasura’s process is easy and fun:

Frame Selection

Pick out the perfect high quality acetate or metal frames to compliment your style.

Jewel Selection

No matter which frames you pick out there are a multitude of elegant and fun jeweled charms to choose from. These charms are completely interchangeable so you can swap them out at your leisure and express who you are any day of the week.

Wear them/Love them

That’s it! Now that you have the perfect eye jewelry for any occasion you can feel confident and unique all the time.


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