Rudy Project

“Nothing in life can be taken for granted and you can never consider that you have ‘arrived’ because that is precisely when you can be overtaken.”

​That’s the mentality that keeps Rudy Project at the top of their game and consistently at the front of the pack in the sports eyewear industry. Founded in 1985 in Treviso, Italy, Rudy Project prides themselves on keeping athletes on the top of the podium. They understand that sports have rules and that one mistake can be the difference between taking home the gold and leaving with your head down. They understand that that level of quality has to be extended to their equipment as well. Rudy Project understands athletes.

The Style of Rudy Project

If you’re buying Rudy Project eyewear odds are you’re going to be moving too fast for anybody to see how stylish you look. You’re focused on competing at the top of your game and you should be. That’s why Rudy Project worries for you. Performance is always their top priority, but when you’re number one like Rudy Project you cover all your bases.

​So, when you do finally make it to the finish line you will look your absolute best holding that trophy high and proud.

Rudy Project Features

Rudy Project’s eyewear options include eyeglasses, sunglasses and goggles. Some of the features that they include with their eyewear are:

Adjustable frames

Frames that can be tweaked to fit any facial structure or headwear. A feature that is essential for optimal comfort.

Prescription lens compatibility

Rudy Project guarantees that each and every one of their frames has the ability to be fitted for prescription lenses. No matter what your eyewear choice, you will always see crystal clear.

Interchangeable lenses

Eyewear technology that allows the wearer to swap out lenses for different colors and shades so that you will always have optimal sight in any environment.

Lens/Frame warranty

Rudy Project is extremely proud of their equipment. So when you manage to damage them they’re actually pretty impressed and will be more than happy to replace them for you.



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