RES/REI Eyewear


“Handmade in Italy with love.”

In Latin, RES/REI means “the thing”; it is a sustainable object or concept. Every object is given meaning though personal association. Made from cellulose acetate, each RES/REI frame is hand crafted with extreme attention to detail by highly experienced Italian artisans.


The designers of RES/REI view eyewear frames as the wonders that they are: stunning fashion statements, but also medical devices that assist you to see your best.  They do not allow fashion trends to set the stage for style. On the contrary: RES/REI creates an individual style and expression for the wearer. In today’s disposable society, RES/REI offers styles that are timeless, elegant and iconic that will “age gracefully”.



  • The Mythologies: Named for the mysterious Roman gods and goddesses, this collection embodies grace, beauty, and power with strong lines and bold color combinations.
  • The Flowers: Inspired by the soft curves and bursts of color, The Flowers collection embodies the femininity and romance of a blooming spring.
  • The Musicians: Classical composers are honored in this collection. The perfect harmonization of cellulose acetate and laser etched patterns create a truly unique eyewear frame.
  • The Emperors: Dedicated to and named after Roman Emperors, this collection demands attention and exudes success with timeless shapes and impactful colors.

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