Ray Ban

Ray Ban debuted in 1937 with the now iconic Aviator model. This model was originally designed for American Air Force pilots, but has since become one of the most recognizable styles in all of eyewear. Even if you’ve never seen a pair of Ray Bans in your life you’ve seen these. Think Top Gun or any of your coolest friends.

​In their many years of service they have always stuck to their ideals: style, tradition and freedom. It’s this model that has elevated them to their legendary, highly respected place in the eyewear industry. Ray Ban only uses the highest quality material for absolute quality and authenticity.

The Style of Ray Ban

I would call Ray Ban eyewear a classic, but that doesn’t quite fit. Neither does calling them modern. True they have been around for over 70 years, but they have never been unpopular. So what can be said about the style of Ray Ban? Eternally modern. Their simple, traditional styles are tried and true. No matter what year you were born, where you live or what you’re style is you can rest assured that Ray Ban will be perfect for you.

Ray Ban frames are made in a variety of shapes and styles for both men and women with the highest quality steel and acetate.

Ray Ban Features

Ray Ban’s options are simple. They have a select number of their traditional styles available in prescription frames and sunglasses as well as options allowing you to customize your own pair.


Frames that can be as professional or as wild as you like. If you want people to know that you have taste these are the frames for you. No social circle will be able to deny you of that. Made with durable stainless steel and high quality acetate.


Whether you pick out a pair of aviators, wayfarers or any of the other styles you’re guaranteed a look that can’t go wrong with eye protection that is top of the line.



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