Raul’s Eyewear Wardrobe Complements His Style

Photo of Raul

When you have interesting eyewear on people notice. You get stopped in a store, restaurant, and on the street.

Ask Raul. He’ll tell you it’s happened to him.

That figures. He has a great eyewear wardrobe — never boring, lots of variety.

He could write the book: “How To Gracefully Take An Eyeglass Compliment!” (We’d buy a copy.)

We love how Raul’s eyewear truly complements who HE is! Each frame has its own unique vibe. Each one was created from different designer — some with polar opposite eyewear concepts.

Still, each one reflects Raul’s style so well — almost as if each were designed with him specifically in mind.

That’s what our clients love about the eyewear we offer. It complements the wearer so well. It’s almost as if it an extension of themselves — a super fabulous extension.