Peter Coombs Creates “Jewelry for the Face.”

Peter Coombs is a designer who is not content to put his name on the brand and then walk away from the workbench. He’s a hands-on designer, creating hand-crafted eyewear.

“This is my art,” he says. “All frame design and construction starts and finishes with me — at my bench, in my studio.”

That’s the way we like at Eyewearhaus, where we pride ourselves on unique, hand-crafted eyewear that you can’t find anywhere else in St. Louis.

There are only a few designers who are completely involved in the production of their pieces (most delegate designs to artisans who hand craft the pieces). Peter Coombs is one such designer who completely takes control and pride in his hand-forged eyewear. This is why we at Eyewearhaus are proud to carry his products.

Peter Coombs is a Jewelry and Metal smith professionally; obtaining his Bachelors in Design in the 1980’s. Over the next three decades he honed his skills of developing alternative approaches to eyewear with a concentration on hinge design.

His eyewear is uniquely constructed by Forging Titanium and incorporating Sterling Silver (in a unique hinge design). Peter Coombs is an artist at heart and his designs are not what he would call “eyewear” he prefers “jewelry for the face.”

That means we’re eyewear jewelers.

Photo of woman wearing Peter Coombs eyewear.

Like the finest rare jewels, Peter Coombs eyewear is very exclusive and hard to find. Some styles have only 25 pieces available worldwide! 

This is exactly what makes Peter Coombs so special; not only is he physically drawing the designs, hand forging the Titanium, and hand assembling; but he also has insured that his pieces are extremely limited.

Peter Coombs is an artist who understands that his art isn’t for everyone. If you see the unique beauty in his art, Peter Coombs is excited to offer his eyewear to you.

And we at Eyewearhaus are happy to curate that art so it’s here for those of you who appreciate it.

Photo of man wearing Peter Coombs eyewear.

Want to discover the beauty of Australian Hand Forged Titanium Jewelry For The Face? Visit Eyewearhaus to see Peter Coombs!

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