The name Parasite Eyewear has been synonymous with innovation since its founding in 2002 and it all started with the introduction of their groundbreaking “STEREO” active fastening system. The “STEREO” active fastening system is a specially designed frame that swaps out normal temples with a dual, gripping design that’s built to withstand any amount of movement that the wearer can dish out. Are you snowboarding, bike riding, or playing football? It doesn’t matter. This system has the capability to do what you need it to.

​That’s where Hugo Martin made Parasite’s initial mark, but he has since made countless marks all over the eyewear world. Parasite Eyewear, as a brand, has been constantly evolving for the past 10 years. They have created novelty designs that are pieces of abstract art, sportswear that an athlete would consider an invaluable tool and even modern designs that the mass market can easily enjoy.

Parasite continues to push the boundaries of what can be done with eyewear by creating new and exciting concepts for frames each and every day.

The Style of Parasite Eyewear

Parasite Eyewear focuses on the high-end in all of their categories. Parasite’s distinctly underground style can be described with two spectrums: Sport Fashion and Science Fiction. Sport fashion referring to high performance mixed with elegance and Science Fiction referring to the technologically advanced and futuristic.

​That might seem a bit confusing, but what you should take away is that they focus on everything from conceptual to popular to modern to athletic.

Parasite Eyewear Features

LED Vision Collection

Outfitted with polarized lenses, these frames allow for optimal vision in any environment. As an added benefit they lose absolutely no style with their performance. These frames are offered with Parasite’s STEREO active fastening system.

Plasma Collection

A more modern, mainstream approach to eyewear. These are sleek and professional with a subtle flare that will leave people doing double takes.

Steel Skin

Stainless steel frames that are both durable and sporty. These frames are offered in Parasite’s STEREO active fastening system.


UVA protection wrapped around any of Parasite Eyewear’s collections whether it be modern, STEREO active fastening or sportswear.



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