Ogi Eyewear

In 1997, David Spencer noticed a market in eyewear that just wasn’t being addressed. Consumers were looking for smaller sized frames that were both affordable and stylish. That’s when Spencer decided to found his solution to that problem, Ogi Eyewear.  Since then, Ogi Eyewear has taken off. Starting as a small, Minneapolis based company they have grown exponentially to become an internationally marketed brand.

​Ogi Eyewear firmly believes in their motto of “constantly creating” because there is always a demand for new and exciting options. When Ogi creates their unique frames they base each decision on 4 pillars: innovation, originality, quality and value. These are the values that have established and driven Ogi to massive success with their customers and the industry.

The Style of Ogi

Ogi Eyewear has evolved and grown exponentially as a company in their near 20 year run, but they have always stayed focused on a style that is boldly sophisticated, contemporary and sexy. Ogi is a great choice to add a smart twist to a party dress or add a sexy accent to formal wear.

Ogi Features

Ogi Eyewear has many great collections to choose from so that no matter what your personality is you will always have optimal vision and style.

Ogi Collection

Bold and contemporary eyewear available in their original small-sized style. They come in a variety of colors and materials including metal, plastic and a combination of the two.

Ogi Kids Collection

Prescription frames for the up and coming trendsetter. Available in a variety of different colors so you can express yourself and be the coolest kid in the classroom.

Seraphin Collection

Described as an elite, neoclassic collection. These frames are what you wear when you want to show off your rich tastes. Offered in a variety of materials including acetate and metal.

Innotec Collection

The Innotec line focuses on sleek and smart eyewear that is manufactured in stainless steel, titanium and acetate. Most pairs of Innotec eyeglasses have a compatible clip on sunglasses attachment available.



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