Jim Jannard founded the Oakley Eyewear brand in 1975 under the philosophy of what can only be described as, Sculptural Physics, the discipline of solving problems with science and wrapping those solutions in art. A philosophy that each Oakley engineer and architect still strives for to this day. A philosophy that has turned the company into an icon for athletes by providing an essential product that boosts athletic performance.

​Oakley continues to come up with new and innovative ways to up their game. Advances like:

Interchangeable lens technology, which allows the wearer to swap out lenses for the best vision in varying environments.

Superb UV and impact protection to protect against potential eye damage.

Polarized lenses so that you can be confident that your eyesight is at the optimal level at all times.

Photochromic lenses that automatically adjust to changing light ensuring optimal eyesight.

The Style of Oakley Eyewear

Iconic for their cutting edge, athletic frame designs and lenses, Oakley designs are unmistakable and topped off with their trademark O logo so the world knows that your prescription glasses and sunglasses are top notch.

​Worn and endorsed by the top names in the sports industry. We’re talking pro golfer Rory Mcilroy, NASCAR’s Clint Bower, snowboarder Jake Blauvelt and many more.

Oakley Eyewear Features

Oakley Eyewear never stops. They are constantly pushing and driving their company to push their technology and designs. It’s absolutely essential because Oakley Eyewear’s customers are constantly pushing and driving themselves to be the best that they can be. Some of the most popular collections are:


Classic designs that are never out of place. These frames come in a variety of colors and shapes to mix and match for any occasion or sport.


Frames made out of lightweight materials that will never slow you down. You can look good and keep up with the fast paced way you live.


The highest-quality materials for optimum durability and performance. These are perfect if you need sunglasses that can stand up to a 300 pound linebacker or lenses with the quality to properly see a 90mph fastball.



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