Not All Sunwear Are Created Equal.


You have booked your vacation.

You have your new bathing suit packed.

Now we need to figure out the Sunglass part.

I know it’s tempting to “just pick up a pair at the gas station”.

But, I would encourage you to reconsider.


Not all Sunwear are created equal.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Don’t be dramatic! Sunglasses are only suppose to dim sun light.”

Well…yes…and no!

Just like people— not all sunglasses are created the same.

There are Standard Sunglasses that you can pick up at any big-box retailer or gas station.

They are inexpensive and they look good.

Not much thought goes into the design and manufacturing of these.

And then there is High-Quality Performance Sunwear.

These offer High-Quality Material, Lens Technology, and Higher Performance.

Overall, you get much more bang for your buck with a High-Quality pair of sunglasses.

Safety First!

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The material of your lens is a very important attribute of any eyewear, but, especially active Sunwear.

There is no way of knowing the lens material when you purchase a Standard pair of sunglasses.

However, when you purchase a pair of quality sunglasses, such as Rudy Project, you can rest assured that you are getting quality material.

You might be thinking “Why is the material so important? They are only sunglasses”.

The material is important… because life happens.

If you were to trip while hiking in your Sunwear; you want to know that your lens will not break and damage your eyes.

Rudy Project is a great sportswear line to choose for their High-Quality Lens Technology.

Their Polycarbonate Lenses are specially designed to flex with added pressure. Lessening the likelihood of breaking.

That is an attribute worth its weight in gold!

We only have one set of eyes!

We MUST protect them.

Enhanced Vision!

Standard Sunglasses are intended to shield our eyes from the sun.

But, when you only dim the sunlight you lose the other colors around you; effectively losing all the detail that you would naturally see.

The lens design is important to enhance your experience; Maui Jim and Oakley have lenses developed to do just that!

Can you imagine having a sunglass lens block the sun from above and on the water’s surface?

Maui Jim can do that!

Or have a sunglass that sharpens and enhances the scenery around you?

These companies have developed lenses to do that too!

What about a sunglass lens that can enhance your golf game?

Or help you to better see a trail while mountain biking?

Yes! These exist too!

And the best part of all is that these lenses are available in prescription and non-prescription options!


As you can see, not all Sunwear is created equal.

Now armed with some basic knowledge of Sunwear; are you curious about High-Quality Sunwear?

Speak with your Optician to add these to your eyewear wardrobe.