More Screen Time Means More Eye Discomfort!

Hello Screentime!………I mean Springtime!

Remote working means more time behind the screen regardless of what the weather might be.

More screen time means more eye discomfort.

Woman rubbing eyes because she has eye strain

Digital Eye Strain is the culprit.

Causing tired and watery eyes.

Blurry Vision.

And even possibly back and neck pain.

Our eyes simply weren’t meant for screens.

Don’t Worry! We may have just the fix you need!

There are a few options that can help reduce the discomfort that comes with Digital Eye Strain. Take a look at the list below.

Anti-Reflective Coating and Blue Light Protective Layers for your eyewear.

Anti-Reflective Coating can help reduce the glare from your computer screen; helping your eyes to relax. Blue Light Protective Layers are built within the lens. It bounces blue light away from the eye. Also, allowing the eye to relax while in front of a computer screen.

Computer Eyewear.

Eyewear that is made for an intended purpose is perfect for someone who spends 4+ hours a day on computer tasks. This “Task Specific” eyewear can be made as a single vision prescription. There is also the option to have “Short Range Progressive” eyewear. Intended for the individual who needs to walk about an office and see across a smaller room. Speak with an optician to discuss which option would best suite your lifestyle.

Dim Your Screen.

For those individuals who are working on a Tablet or a phone; dim the brightness! Tablets and phones put off quite a bit of bright light. You can dim the brightness to avoid the need to squint and strain your eyes to see the screen. Most of these devices, also, offer a “Blue Light Filter” feature. Use this especially if you are one who uses these devices right before bed. Studies show that Blue Light can effect falling asleep and quality of sleep.

Practice the 20/20/20 Rule.

For every 20 minutes spent on the computer, lookout about 20 feet, for 20 seconds. This is especially helpful for individuals who are on their computers for very long hours.

Take a break.

It can’t be all work all the time. Periodically take a break. Walk around and stretch. If you are able; try to go outside. Looking at a computer all day will put significant strain on the eyes. It does the mind, body, and eyes a lot of good to simply take a break and stretch.