Luca Pagni

Luca Pagni entered the eyewear world at a very young age and opened his first shop in Milan when he was only 20.

His natural talent and commercial success soon resulted in his own collection which, via meticulous research, combines comfort, originality, quality and style. Luca Pagni put his personal touch in a style based on asymmetry creating unique prestige models of a timeless class all handcrafted in Italy and certified.

Luca Pagni eyewear represents today the essence of Made in Italy in terms of style, origin and production.

The Style of Luca Pagni

"Human face is naturally asymmetrical, this is what makes it unique and fascinating" says the designer. Just as happens in nature, where "ordered chaos" and upsetting of balance produce the most extraordinary results, faces tell their story via particular details, based on distinctive traits which are immediately recognisable.

Also Luca Pagni's eyewear sometimes features minute imperfections resulting from the final hand filing process, and this is what makes it unique and a truly prestigious artisan product.

No-brand on the outside, Luca Pagni's eyewear products bear the wording Made in Veneto - Italy engraved inside the right-hand arm: this is a stylistic choice but above all it is a question of identity, evoking the Made in Italy universe and going right to the heart of the age-old Italian eyewear tradition.

Luca Pagni Features

Made of strong flexible AISI 301 stainless steel combined with acetate and finished with brown or grey lenses with internal anti-reflective coating, the Luca Pagni models give the wearer's face colour and personality, thanks also to the prestige finishes that enhance the originality of the design without forgetting comfort and lightness.


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