Lindberg Eyewear

“One must see the face, not the spectacles.”

​This is the quote that drives the minimalistic design of the Lindberg brand.

​Lindberg Eyewear started out on top. In 1985, founder and designer Paul-Jorn Lindberg created Lindberg’s first frame with architect Hans Dissing. The AIR Titanium Frame was the first rimless, titanium frame. These award-winning frames are where Lindberg started and they have only continued to innovate.

Jump to today, Lindberg is essentially the Cadillac of eyewear. Each new pair of frames is a step forward in the industry and in minimalist design.

The Style of Lindberg

Minimalism. That’s the most minimalistic way that it can be said. Each new design Lindberg creates implements their innovative technology to make completely unique, top-of-the-line frames.

​Made from the same titanium used in pacemakers and dental regulation equipment, they are lightweight, flexible and durable.

Lindberg Features

Lindberg offers many, many options that will stun your friends with their unique and innovative designs. These frames come in a multitude of styles and colors for men, women and children.

AIR RIM Titanium Frames

Designed in 1985 and released in 1988, these frames were Lindberg’s first of many frames and their first of many innovations. These frames are the closest thing in minimalism you can have without wearing contacts. They come in a multitude of styles and colors for men, women and children.

Strip Titanium Frames

Entirely produced from laser cut titanium plates. These frames are super-light and ultra-sheik weighing only 2.9 grams. Completed with medical silicon nose pads and Lindberg’s patented screwless hinge design.

Spirit Rimless Frames

An evolution of their original AIR Titanium Frames. Three distinct temple options made with titanium wire, titanium plate and acetate available in numerous colors and styles.

Acetanium Frames

These frames combine classic style with innovative technology in a way that only Lindberg has mastered.  A combination of acetate and titanium, these frames are extremely durable and lightweight without sacrificing style and elegance. These frames come complete with laser cut frames and a screwless hinge design.

n.o.w. Frames

Combining the remarkably thin composite front and ultra-lightweight titanium temples into a minimalistic design. With over 1 million different color and style combinations, the n.o.w. line is sure to offer each wearer a truly unique and customizable frame experience.

Horn Frames

A unique mixture of our laser cut titanium frames and Water Buffalo Horn. Due to the nature of horn and the multiple breeds of buffalo that we use no two frames are completely alike; each are slightly nuanced in coloration and pattern. Each water buffalo is a utility animal: the meat and hide are used locally as feed and various leather goods and the horns are used for specialty products, such as optical frames.


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