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The first L.A. Eyeworks store was opened in 1979 by Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds, two owners with a shared love for eyeglasses. As the pair had difficulty finding the types of glasses that they wanted to sell, they began designing their own L.A. Eyeworks collection, which started with a single frame, the Beat. This classic chunky frame was modified with color and textures in order to create a frame that accentuated personality.

​Even today, L.A. Eyeworks remains true to this goal, by creating a broad selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses that are continuously changing the way people think about eyewear. The company still works with a focus on designing unique, modern eyewear. Using both plastic and metal frames to incorporate bold colors and designs into new eyeglass designs, L.A. Eyeworks creates a selection of eyewear that is unmatched in uniqueness and design.

The Style of L.A. Eyeworks

If you are looking to buy unique eyewear in St. Louis, consider l.a. Eyeworks eyeglasses and sunglasses for styles that will stand out in a crowd. l.a. Eyeworks, available at EYEWEARHAUS in Creve Coeur, offers handmade designer eyewear for a variety of styles and tastes. Immediately recognizable, with their bold colors and designs, eyewear from l.a. Eyeworks is not for those who want to blend into the background. If you are looking to buy bold designer glasses in St. Louis, Missouri, EYEWEARHAUS is your destination for unique and stylish eyeglass frames and sunglasses.

Popular l.a. Eyeworks Eyewear Collections

Hand-designed and hand-made in Italy and Japan, each frame represents modern styling with a splash of bold color. If you are looking to buy contemporary eyeglasses, EYEWEARHAUS offers a broad selection of modern styles by designer l.a. Eyeworks.

​The company’s current focus is on a “retro revival”. By turning away from the tight, severe, and angular shapes of the early 2000’s, l.a. Eyeworks is focusing on designing eyewear that offers a more open approach. These recent eyeglass and sunglass styles are intended to encourage curiosity, openness, and friendliness.

The following are some of the popular eyeglasses and sunglasses available from l.a. Eyeworks

Metal Frames

l.a. Eyeworks metal frame eyeglasses are designed to offer bold colors not often found in metal style glasses. With lightweight titanium frames and unique detailing, all of the l.a. Eyeworks designer eyewear is handmade for perfection.

Plastic Frames

These designer frames create a bold contemporary statement with vibrant colors and designs. One such plastic frame style is the Black Beat that pays tribute to the l.a. Eyeworks classic archetypal style.


l.a. Eyeworks line of sunglasses use bold combinations of color and open designs to create contemporary styles. l.a. Eyeworks sunglasses are made in both hand-painted lightweight titanium metal and plastic styles.



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