Kirk Originals Eyewear

EYEWEARHAUS, located in Creve Coeur, sells a wide selection of unique eyewear including Kirk Originals. Each piece of Kirk Originals eyewear is handmade in France, offering the highest in both style and quality. If you are looking to buy Kirk Eyewear in St. Louis, check out EYEWEARHAUS boutique today to see the many Kirk Originals styles we carry.

Kirk Originals Eyewear: Eyewear as Unique as You

The Kirk Originals Line of eyewear offers stylish British design and handmade quality resulting in the most unique eyewear collections. Created by designer Jason Kirk, each of the unique Kirk Originals embodies the brand’s quirky nature. If you are looking for eyewear that will stand out and make a statement, Kirk Originals are the ideal eyewear selection for you. Handmade with eyeglass frames in a combination of materials including acetate, acrylic, aluminum, and even wood, Kirk Originals eyewear and sunglasses are ideal for anyone desiring eyewear that is as unique and memorable as they are.

A true testament to the brand’s originality and design, Kirk Originals received the prestigious nomination for a Silmo d ‘Or Award in multiple years. One such nomination includes the 2009 nomination for the Bobcat in Amourette from the Turbo Collection. Praised on being a masculine design that is still elegant enough for a woman, this style frame is both elegant and strong with its wood-paneled aluminum arms.

Kirk Originals Eyewear Collections

Unique Designer Eyewear: Kirk Originals Kirk Originals offers a wide selection of eyewear collections, each with its own attitude and style. The following describes some of the unique collections brought to you from Kirk Originals handmade eyewear. To find your style of Kirk Originals in St. Louis stop by EYEWEARHAUS today.

Turbo Collection

The Turbo Collection from Kirk Originals features eyewear that is powerful with a post-retro design combining aluminum, wood, and acetate in several unique and elegant styles. These frames offer the perfect aesthetic combinations designed especially to highlight each material. Made with quality spring joints, each Turbo frame offers a comfortable and flexible fit.

Kirk Heroes Collection

The Kirk Heroes Line from Kirk Originals, sold at EYEWEARHAUS in St. Louis, offers asymmetric designs each based on one of the many Kirk Heroes characters. These unique eyeglass frames offer vivid colors and unique designs that have captivated many since the collection’s introduction. Each frame is linked to a character of the Kirk family with their own individual story helping to bring the wearer even closer to their glasses.

Sunglasses Collections from Kirk Originals

Kirk Originals Designer SunglassesKirk Originals has developed several collections of sunglasses throughout the years including the Eclipse, Sun Shine, and Vector Lines of sunglasses. Each line has its own unique colors and styles resulting in a fun, unforgettable look. All of the Kirk Sunglasses come with high quality CR39 lenses to protect eyes from harmful UV rays.

The Kirk Originals Vector Sunglasses were introduced for spring/summer 2010. These sunglasses consist of black acetate frames combining retro and simplicity with modern styling. Available in silver, azur, and orange, these hand painted sunglasses are truly unique and original.

Other Kirk Originals Collections

  • Saturn : This collection of eyewear features colored crystals on the exterior acetate surface and glitter decorating the interior resulting in a bright and decorative look.
  • Sculpture : The Sculpture collection from Kirk Originals provides a combination of acetate and acrylic eyeglass frames offering an end result that is both colorful and unique.