Keeping Your Eyes Safe This Winter

It’s mid December, dreary, cold, and overcast. You’re getting ready to leave for your morning commute to work.

What do you need? Wallet, Keys, Mask, Phone, and ________

  1. Cup Of Coffee
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Your Entire Collection of Comic Books

The correct answer is 2. Sunglasses. But, why?

The biggest reason to continue to use sunglasses in the winter months is UV Protection. 

What is UV? 

UV is Ultra Violet Radiation. 

Where does it come from? 

It comes from the suns rays of light. Our ozone layer protects us from most of the harmful effects, but some still passes through and gets to us. Exposure to Ultra Violet Radiation can cause pre-mature aging of the skin and in some cases cataracts and other serious eye conditions.

Why is it so important to wear Sunglasses in the winter? 

Well, UV is intensified when it bounces off of wet surfaces such as snow; causing what we call Snow Blindness. Even on the most over cast day if there is any moisture of the ground we are getting UV Rays from above and below.

Sun Glasses can help protect my eyes? 

Yes, but not just any old sunglasses. The sunglasses you choose SHOULD be Polarized and have UV protective coatings to be most effective. You will also want your lenses to be Dark Gray, Brown, or G15 (Dark Green). 

I already wear eyewear and I don’t want to carry around multiple pairs all the time. What are my options?  

Good question! We have a couple of convenient eyewear protection options. You can choose to do Transition lenses. This is where your lenses will change color when exposed to UV. We also offer Chemistries Clips. These are Custom Made Polarized Sun Protection for your existing eyewear. (Say that 5 times fast 😆)

Your Optician can help you make the best choice for your needs. 

Don’t leave those beautiful sun glasses on the shelf until May! You still need them on the gloomiest, over cast, winter days! 

Don’t have any sun wear? Come on in and let one of our Fashionistas help find the perfect pair for you!