Johann Van Goisern: A Magnificent Eyewear Line

Clients from ALL over the WORLD come to eyewearhaus for various reasons. 

Some love our impeccable customer service. 

Others rely on our unmatched expertise.

Many have a favorite eyewear brand that we exclusively carry. 

I’m proud to say that lots of eyewearhaus customers choose us because they love and trust our opticians! 

But one reason stands out as the primary reason most of our clients return again and again to eyewearhaus: We carry the MOST UNIQUE hand-crafted eyewear!

An example: Johann Von Goisern eyewear. This line has it all: 

  • Inspiring color. 
  • Hand-crafted in Austria.
  • Premium materials. 

When you wear Johann Von Goisern, you’ll stand out. People will compliment you on your great-looking glasses. Your unique eyewear will leave a lasting impression.  

Take a look at the video to get a brief history of Johann Von Goisern!

When we were first introduced to this magnificent eyewear line, we were blown away. 

20 layers of colored cotton acetate. No other line has that!

Versatility. You can easily wear these frames in a professional or contemporary setting! 

Thoughtful design. Interesting, varied frames that will look great on nearly every face shape.

We hope that you find Johann Von Goisern as inspiring as we do!

Schedule an appointment with a Fashionista to see the collection today!

(Photos provided by @gdioptix and Sylvia Martin)