J.F. Rey Eyewear

French design and production from a true master in his trade. Jean-François Rey is a creator on the forefront of the industry, priding himself on his independent style and modern designs, but most importantly on innovation. J. F. Rey conducts constant research and development practices to ensure they continue to evolve with the newest technologies and provide the best product to their customers.

​Each set of frames sees no less than 200 handlings to ensure that the frames you receive are the best possible quality available.

The Style of J.F. Rey

J. F. Rey Eyewear is a brand that finds inspiration in the arts, architecture and technology. What this means is, not only will your frames be top-of-the-line, but they will also be a fashion statement. A combination of subtle color choices and modern lines create an independent and edgy design for any fashion forward individual.

​J. F. Rey only uses the highest quality Mazzucchelli acetate and stainless steel to create their state of the art frames

J.F. Rey Features

J. F. Rey eyewear is, in no way, short of eyewear to choose from. With so many unique featured collections you will feel like a kid in a candy store. Here are just a few of the options here.


A mix of harmonious color, high quality acetate sheets and stainless steel create this indulgent best seller designed specifically for the elegant and sophisticated.


Chic and masculine. These frames are designed to show off the high quality materials and flowing architecture that J. F. Rey is known for. They come complete with titanium or acetate frames and a TitaBOX hinge.


This collection uses leather to transform stainless steel frames into animals. Some of the featured leathers are: crocodile, ostrich, rhinoceros and stingray.


Bold and colorful designs made specifically for a more petite type of individual. Perfect for younger eyewear enthusiast and the female facial structure.


Bold and intricate designs adorn these unisex frames. Instead of acetate, J. F. Rey uses an exclusive photo engraving technique to create flowing, lines and nuanced colors with a slightly silky accent. Made with 100% stainless steel.

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