Isson Eyewear


“Imagination rules the world.”   - Napoleon BonaparteIsson Eyewear and Sunglasses

Owner and designer Catherine Federici began her journey as a fashion student, studying furniture and jewelry. From furniture design to tattoo free-hand, Federici has had her fair share of experience. As she began to grow and learn in the fashion industry, it became apparent that designing eyewear was her forte.


Contemporary, European architecture and contemporary design come together to create this unique collection. These frames have been featured in many of the top fashion and design magazines. This collection offers frames made out of stainless steel, cellulose acetate and titanium.

Isson Eyewear and Sunglasses


  • Japanese Stainless Steel: Creating fluid lines and freeform movement, the corrosion-resistant, long-lasting metal allows for polite expression and a perfect combination of “experimentation and restraint”.
  • Bespoke Acetate: Cellulose based acetate is lightweight and hypo-allergenic. Isson has connections with the finest Italian acetate manufacturers which provide bespoke color combinations that are unmatched by any other line.

Isson Eyewear and Sunglasses 


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Isson Eyewear and Sunglasses

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