IOVES was born as a craft business in San Nicolo di Comelico, Italy in 1950 by Costan brothers Ennio and Gildo.  IOVES started out as an artisan business in San Nicolò di Comelico in 1950 by Costan brothers, Ennio and Gildo.  In 1994, IOVES decided to move its production plant in Lozzo di Cadore.  Thanks to the expansion and modernization of its production unit, IOVES is today able to offer flexibility in the production cycle and rapid delivery.  IOVES today distributes optical frames and sun frames in more than 45 countries worldwide.

The Style of Ioves

We offer the latest news in terms of colors and galvanic treatments.  We carry out laser and steel stamps, in addition to the traditional ink markings.

Ioves Features

Ioves is a combination of cutting-edge technologies, a passion for eyewear and traditional craftsmanship, which still today plays a vital role in the production phase.  With Ioves we decided to combine aesthetic and function in our products to redefine the concept of strength and lightness.  Thanks to our high quality materials, Ioves glasses have a high index of resistance to breakage, wide flexibility and bending ability, and low density for a lightness and a unique comfort.



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