How Two Eyewear Enthusiasts Joined Forces to Create a Great Line

A couple of artists met for the first time in a boutique, complimented one another on their eyewear, and struck up a conversation about the sorry state of optical fashion. 

Eyewear has become bland, mass-produced, and uninspiring, they agreed…

…and the rest, as they say, is history. 

The two men — Ti Kwa and Jean-Marc Virard — joined forces, and in 2012 they launched RIGARDS, an exclusive eyewear line that we’re proud to offer at Eyewearhaus. 

We love the RIGARDS story because it reminds us of our clients. They want eyewear that is inspiring, not boring. They see eyewear as a wardrobe item, not an accessory. They value eyewear that reflects the unique qualities of the person wearing it.

Handmade For Your Face

Kwa and Virard designed a line that would “grow with you as a person.” RIGARDS eyewear combines fine craftsmanship with unique, natural materials. 

They created their first frames exclusively from horn. Now, RIGARDS uses horn and other materials, such as copper, aluminum, sterling silver, and wood. 

Virard described their creations as “an eyewear line that is made not manufactured.” 

Their logo reflects that vision. 

It displays a common hand gesture, index-finger to thumb to form “frames,” with the other three fingers on each hand rising from the head to evoke horns. 

The slogan complements the logo: “Handmade For Your Face.”

And that means YOUR face. 

Twa is from Malaysia and Virard is from France. They believe comfort and fit are critical. They design eyewear to work for both Asian and Western face shapes.

Exclusive Designs

Like Kwa and Virard, Eyewearhaus clients don’t go for bland, mass-produced eyewear. 

We prefer exclusive eyewear designs, and VIRARD delivers.

A single artisan creates each frame from start to finish. So it is truly a unique piece of art. 

Each design has only 200-500 pieces made. And like a fine art print, each piece has an identification number in its series. 

This number not only indicates the frames exclusivity, but it also tracks a specific frame back to the artisan who created it. 

Are you looking for an inspired eyewear line to suit your non-conformist style? Want a pair of eyewear that is both strong in visual approach yet is extremely lightweight and comfortable? 

Look no further than RIGARDS! See the collection today!

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