How to Prevent Eye Strain

Woman rubbing eyes because she has eye strain

For many of us Covid-19’s “New Normal” has brought on more screen time. Many of us are working from home and many children are learning from home. These “New Normal“ changes have brought to the surface an ever evolving challenge: digital eye strain.

What is Digital Eye Strain? In short, its eye fatigue and discomfort caused from working for a prolonged period of time with digital devices and exposure to Blue Light.  You may experience headaches, tired/sore eyes, blurred vision, and sometimes even shoulder and back pain. 

Tips to Prevent and Ease Eye Strain

How do we correct this problem?  The easiest way to help with digital eye strain is following the 20/20/20 Rule.

Other ways to help alleviate Digital Eyestrain:

  • Keep Prescriptions up-to-date. Visit your eye care provider yearly to ensure your prescription is correct. Older prescriptions can cause eye strain.
  • Avoid Digital Devices Before Bedtime. Blue light from digital devices can strain the eyes and disrupt sleep patterns. Put devices aside at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep.
  • Choose Eyewear Designed to Minimize Strain,

Eyewearhaus offers a variety of options, such as Transitions Lenses, Blue Light Blocking Layers within eyewear lenses, Eyezen+ Lenses, and Acuvue Transitions Contact Lenses. Speak with your Optician to see which option will best suit your needs!

For contact lens wearers and children who do not need corrective lenses we have the perfect option for you too! ChemTech Readers! These come with beneficial blue light-blocking anti-glare coat, and you DON’T have to have a prescription.

Here’s a great graphic from our friends at Transitions that outlines what employers can do to help workers avoid eye strain…