How to Get Masterpiece Eyewear Without Busting the Budget

I love to go shopping! The atmosphere, trying on the clothes, imagining beautiful items in my home…

…imagining beautiful unimaginable eyewear framing my face.  

Then I hesitate and think of the budget. 

We understand. We have budgets, too. 

How can you make that beautiful eyewear a reality…

…AND respect your budget?

We have the answers: 

5 Ways to Get That Extraordinary Eyewear
AND Save Money When You
Shop at Eyewearhaus

  1. Use Vision Insurance
    We accept a variety of plans, including VSP and EyeMed. Let the insurance company foot a big part of the bill so you keep more money and still wear the most unique, limited edition eyewear in the world. Call to confirm that we accept your plan (our insurance expert Julie will be happy to help you).
  2. Use Your Health Savings Account or Flexible Savings Account
    You can use your HSA or FSA to buy extraordinary eyewear and popular contacts. You saved that money tax-free. So those dollars go further when you spend them at eyewearhaus.
  3. Multi Pair Discount.
    When you purchase multiple pairs of phenomenal eyewear at eyewearhaus, we reward you with Multi- Pair Discounts*! Multiple pairs to suit all your eyewear, lifestyle and work life needs and significant discounts to boot! *Call our office for details.
  4. Shop Last Season’s Selection
    We carry exclusive eyewear from some of the world’s greatest designers. Like an early Picasso, last year’s best selling eyewear is still a masterpiece — maybe even preferable to this year’s creation. But the market values this year more. So, you can get last year’s masterpiece at half-price. We have an entire section called “Last Season’s Selection” loaded with great finds. Relevant, extraordinary eyewear from the same master designers. 50%-discount off the FRAME price! Added to a regular eyewear purchase, the savings are even greater! Call the office for details.
  5. Shop Our Economical Eyewear Selection
    In need of a simple pair of Prescription Eyewear? Our Economical Eyewear Section is a fantastic option for you; the packages for this section include single vision and progressives at very attractive pricing. Stop in for additional details.