Alan Weisfeld has spent his entire life in the eyewear industry. His father was an optometrist and at a very young age Weisfeld started helping him in his shop. He grew up in that shop starting as a clerk and learning every tidbit he could about eyewear, but that’s not all he learned. He also learned about customer service, which has become a hugely important part of his business model.

Fast forward to adulthood and you’ll see that Weisfeld has worked for many of the biggest names in the eyewear industry. It was in these companies that he developed his love for boutique eyewear and his future wife, Leslie Weisfeld.

Fast forward another 10 years to the present day and the Weisfelds have become incredibly successful with their company, Fusion Eyewear. Fusion focuses on 2 things: edgy, high quality eyewear and superb customer service.

The Style of Fusion

The Fusion Eyewear brand has a variety of distinct styles to choose from. Their styles range from classical frames with a Japanese background to contemporary frames based onEuropean architecture. With all of these options available Fusion has a pair of frames for everybody.

Cazal Features

We carry all the best Cazal frames out there. Biggie would approve of it. Heck, anyone would. Here are some of our most popular options.

Iyoko Inyaké

Designed in Belgium and manufactured in Japan, these frames are the highest quality. They are made with titanium, rhodium and plastics which are then coated with 3.5 microns of gold. That coating allows for extremely vibrant colors.

ISSON Optical

Contemporary, European architecture and contemporary design come together to create this unique collection. These frames have been featured in many of the top fashion and design magazines. This collection offers frames made out of stainless steel, cellulose acetate and titanium.

‘Em Eyewear

Italian designed and Italian manufactured. These frames are high quality with a distinctive, convex temple base that can’t be missed. Unisex frames made from high quality acetate.

Kame ManNen

Japan’s oldest optical collection. These frames focus on being timeless in two ways: Being eternally stylish and infinitely durable. These frames are made with lightweight titanium.

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