Eyewearhaus Rocks with Unique Styles

Martha Rocks in Her Unique Eyewear from Eyewearhaus

Martha was a lead singer in a rock-and-roll band. 

She had the voice. She had all the moves. She knew how to rock. 

But she didn’t have the unique look that reflected her rockin’ style…

…until she got her custom eyewear from Eyewearhaus. 

“When I first visited Eyewearhaus, I was the lead female Vocalist for this amazing band, Friction Drive,” Martha said. 

She wanted to LOOK as amazing as she and Friction Drive sounded. 

Eyewearhaus Fashionistas Helped Martha Find Her Unique Style

“I worked with all of the Fashionistas at Eyewearhaus because they are all very invested in what my end goal was — to be a rock star, sprinkled with a flashback to the 80’s, and a cherry on top.” 

Her fans loved how she looked. 

“My all-time favorite persona is the 1950’s-60’s pin-up. I would take my audience to these times with a completed look that only Eyewearhaus could give me,” she said.  

Every person is unique. 

Unique face. Unique eyes. Unique style. 

Eyewearhaus Has Styles That Are Uniquely You

Some people prefer a more classical style. 

Others prefer to rock — literally. 

Rock on, Martha! 

Photo Credit: Hess Digital Art @hessdigitalart