Eyewearhaus has grown over the past year in more ways than we could have ever imagined! One specific way is our newest Fashionista, Jessica!

Our Newest Fashionista, Jessica! Like her eyewear? She is wearing J.F.Rey JF2885.https://eyewearhaus.com/jf-rey-eyewear/

I sat with Jessica and got to know her better, and we hope you find her just as perfectly matched to our eyewearhaus team as we do!

How Long Have You Been In The Optical Industry?

Jessica: “I have been in The industry for 6 years. Though, I worked more on the medical side as a Technician. I’ve worked with eyewear styling for about a year.”

Sylvia: “It certainly is different in a boutique atmosphere; isn’t it?”

Jessica: “Yes! But I’m loving it so far!”

What Do You Like About eyewearhaus?

Jessica: “The eyewear! The office has this Artsy Boutique style that is very inviting but the unique eyewear is my favorite aspect of the office! Eyewearhaus definitely has the best selection that I have ever seen!”

Sylvia: “I was also blown away by the selection, when I first started! I was so excited to finally start styling clients! Do you feel the same?”

Jessica: “Completely! I’m really excited to dive in and help clients find the PERFECT pair ( or pairs ) of eyewear to suit their style and personality!”

Sylvia: “I love your enthusiasm! It just seems to be contagious!”

Jessica: “Thank you! I love working with people and helping others. I want my clients to have as much fun as I am having! Its important to me to make sure they are comfortable with me and confident in my skills.”

Enough About Optics! Tell Us About You!

Jessica: “ I’m from St.Louis; born and raised. I grew up near the Anhauser Busch Brewery. To this day the smell of that brewery reminds me of home! I’m newly married! My husband,Joey, and I married in November of last year.”

Joey and Jessica

Sylvia: “Oh, a wedding during the Pandemic….planning couldn’t have been very easy.”

Jessica: Laughing “Its was a challenge, but, we made it!”

We LOVE Animals! Do You?

Jessica: “Yes! I’m a Fur Mama! The loves of my life are Betty and Bill, my Pugs!”

Sylvia: “Oh how cute! I bet they keep you and Joey busy!

Jessica: “Very! We love taking them to explore new parks and ,of course, they love taking walks!”

We Are Pretty Passionate About Our Hobbies. Do You Have Any?

Jessica: “I love exploring new places! I enjoy hiking, traveling, and I compete in Disk Golf Tournaments. Currently, in our free time, my husband and I are renovating an old school bus to be a traveling home!”

Sylvia: “ That’s pretty impressive! Where did you get this idea? Do you have a certain style in mind for your bus?”

Jessica: “I saw it on Pinterest one day and mentioned it to my husband. Then I came home from work and there it was! I want a vintage style for it! I’m excited to see it when its finished!”

She’s Already Part Of The Family!

Sylvia: “Well, it seems that you have been welcomed to the team the same way I was 3 years ago, you are already part of the eyewearhaus family. But make no mistake, this family has high standards and our “expanded family” known as our Clients and patients alike will come to expect nothing less from you also. So take it all in and enjoy delivering the experience we do every day.”

We think Jessica is pretty fantastic; we hope you do too! When you stop in next time be sure to say “Hello”!