Eyewearhaus and JFRey are a Match Made in France brought to the MidWest

JFREY is one of a small handful of frame lines that has called Eyewearhaus home for nearly a decade. What is it about JFREY that continuously keeps us at Eyewearhaus excited? Well, they have kept true to their roots, they fit the bill in unique eyewear that we at Eyewearhaus appreciate and respect, and we have a fantastic working  relationship with the company! 

“Who is JFREY?” Great question!

JFREY is a HandCrafted men’s and women’s eyewear company based in the Jura region of France; built by husband and wife team Joelle and Jean Francois Rey.  Their design inspiration is based on the multi-cultural city Marseille.

As eyewear entrepreneurs they completely embraced the freedom of eyewear design and hand-made eyewear. Both Joelle and Jean Francois are very hands on with in their company and have been since its birth in the 1980’s! Joelle is responsible for innovative color way concepts for all the eyewear and Jean Francois is responsible for all the design concepts! 

As you know at Eyewearhaus we specialize in unique eyewear, so we strive to stay on top of the latest styles!

Year after year,  JFREY has not disappointed us in continuously producing exciting, beautiful, and architecturally interesting pieces. They have consistently infused fresh designs using laser cut stainless steel, the combinations of acetate with steel, and the fun and creative way they incorporate color in the eyewear. 

The most important reason WE CONTINUE to work with JFREY is because we have a strong relationship with the company. 

The customer service we have received from our USA representative makes all the difference for us. This working relationship allows us to quickly and efficiently provide efficient service to our clients. And that is what is most important. 

Stop in anytime to see  JFREY; a collection that continuously keeps us excited to present them to the St.Louis area! ( and beyond! )

JFREY photo provided by invision.com

marsielle photo provided by escape.com.au