Eyewear Trends For 2021!

Sure, you can wear sweatpants when you’re Zooming from home. 

But there’s no hiding your eyes during that web conference. 

That’s why the best eyewear designers haven’t slowed down during the


Vintage Style is all the rage this year! From Dramtic to Subtle you can count

on eyewearhaus to bring you the Latest and Greatest!

Trends For 2021:

Vintage Shapes

Designers To Look At For A Subtle Approach:

BlackFin and JFRey

Vintage Shapes are amazing; but, can be a little intimidating. BlackFin and

JFREY have done a fantastic job of offering a “Subtle Approach” to these

popular dramatic shapes.

Designers To Look At For A Dramatic Approach:

Fabulous Fanny and Lara D

Do you want to rock a Vintage Shape in all of its Dramatic Glory?

Fabulous Fanny is a fantastic line that is inspired by Vintage

Eyewear Fashion! You will be completely on trend with them!

Not ready to go completely back in time? Lara D would be a fantastic

choice. This line offers a Modern approach to the Vintage Drama.

Trending Size: Oversized in Metal

and Acetate.

Designers To Look At For a Subtle Approach:

Lindberg and Tom Davies.

Lindberg is a beautiful light weight Titanium frame line that will allow you

to wear an oversized frame without it overwhelming your features.

Tom Davies with its flowing lines; allows its wearer to go oversized without


Designers To Look At For a Dramatic


Blake Kuwahara and Kuboraum

Want to make a statement with eyewear that you could easily wear

everyday? Blake Kuwahara is the line for you! These pieces offer serious

drama; but, are offered in color ways that are very wearable!

Need a statement piece? Kuboraum is it! Drama, artistic quality, attention

getting; look no further!

Trending Colors: Earth Tones and Pastels

We’ve noticed a lot of designers release frames with earth tones and pastels. 

These make a great fashion statement that’s dramatic, but not loud. 

Here are some of the colors we’ve seen…

Whether you choose to go Subtle or Dramatic to stay with the Eyewear

Trends in 2021; rest assured our Fashionistas will make certain that you are

happy and look fabulous in your new eyewear!

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