Eyenigma: Buy Unique Eyenigma Designer Eyewear in St. Louis


Canadian designer Stephen Kapoor started Eyenigma Eyewear in 2007 after over 15 years of experience as an optician and has prospered with his unique and symbolically designed eyewear. They are a fairly new company, but they have already taken the northern hemisphere by storm and they have no intention of stopping there. Soon they will be an international sensation.

Their success can certainly be attributed to their abstract style that takes its inspiration from the world around us.


Eyenigma Eyewear specializes in abstract designs individually inspired by the many wonders and mysteries of the world, including frames inspired by forces of nature, animals, environments, landmarks, gods and myths just to name a few. They are bold, colorful, expressive, sexy and, most of all, they are art.

The materials used to create these frames are light-weight, durable titanium and high quality stainless steel. For superb protection these works of art are double-coated to prevent scratches and chipping.


Eyenigma Eyewear divides its designs into three categories. Each collection has a mix of distinct styles that will make you see the beauty in the element they are inspired by.


  • TR90: Made from the highest quality, light-weight and durable titanium, these frames are inspired by a variety of animals, geographic areas, landmarks and emotions, which include the Cheetah, the Prairie, Lightning, Calm and the Amazon to name a few.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: High quality, stainless steel frames inspired by the mythical and geographical wonders of the world. Some frames include: Atlantis, Cleopatra, Dagon, Orion, Eclipse and Nyctemine just to name a few.



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The world is an inspiration for everybody. What inspires you? The grace and speed of a Cheetah, the devastating, raw power of a tornado, the possibly intergalactic mystery of Stonehenge? Regardless of what inspires you Eyenigma Eyewear has a pair of frames for you. Eyewearhaus Boutique in Creve Coeur carries a wide selection of Eyenigma Eyewear so drop by and check them out today.

While you’re at Eyewearhaus Boutique why not have an eye exam done? We have the best trained opticians in town and they’re more than happy to set you up with a new prescription and a pair of unique, Eyenigma frames or contact lenses that will make you feel uniquely you!

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