Dressing For Eyewear Success

Have you ever spotted the perfect eyewear in a boutique? You know this is the frame for you. it is THE frame for you. Your ideal color, shape, and size. You simply have to have it!

Then you try it on, and…

…it doesn’t look right. 

What happened?!  

You can’t put your finger on why it doesn’t work, but it doesn’t.

What now? 

Before you pass on that perfect eyewear, you might want to change your clothes. 

Those great frames may clash with the bright colors you’re wearing. 

I hadn’t considered what our clients wear to the boutique until recently when I had a fascinating conversation with a client who works as an interior decorator. 

She told me she always wears neutral colors that will not compete with the color swatches she presents to her clients. She makes herself as neutral as possible. 

The same could apply when you try on our unique, designer eyewear. 

Something that looks great when paired with one color will clash with another. 

Here are a few tips to help you dress for eyewear success! 

Wear Neutral Skin Tones

This may seem drastic for eyewear shopping, but, it really does help! The neutral tone will allow you to see a bold color against your skin without competing with the colors in your clothes. Light grey is a good option if you don’t have neutral skin tones in your wardrobe.

Avoid the Boldest Colors in Your Wardrobe

We’re not suggesting that you scrap your wardrobe and buy a bunch of neutral-colored clothes. Bold is good. Just not when trying on eyewear. That bold, kelly green blouse may look great on you, but it will clash with those red frames you’re trying on — unless you work in the North Pole. 

Bring  Some Accessories

If you are like me you LOVE when your accessories play well together. With this in mind, bring a few accessories with you! Bring ones you wear often. Hats, scarves, and masks. You never want your eyewear to clash with a fantastic outfit.

Consider the Colors You Wear Most

It’s very important to consider the colors you already wear. If you wear green four days a week, maybe those red frames aren’t the right choice, even though they look great in the display case. On the other hand, purple and green can look stunning together. You want your eyewear to compliment your ensemble; not clash.

Think of Eyewear as a Wardrobe Item

Imagine if you could only own one sweater. Or just one pair of shoes. How boring that would be! Oh so difficult to choose something that matches everything else in your wardrobe. 

We buy multiple pairs of shoes because one pair looks great with part of our wardrobe. Another pair looks great with other parts of the wardrobe. Same goes with eyewear. If you love those red frames, try them when you’re not wearing kelly green and buy them. Then buy those purple frames that will look spectacular with that green. 

People notice your great-looking (or clashing) eyewear before they see your shoes. Why not have a few options to choose from so you always have the perfect color combination? 

Give these tips a try when you shop next time! You may find that you have so many more options that you fall in love with.