Designer of the Month – Blake Kuwahara

We hear from eyewear reps all the time who want us to carry their products.

Only about 2% of the lines even even interest us enough to meet with the rep. And then we typically only add 1 new line per year.

What makes that 1 line so special? What does that 1 line have that the others didn’t? We’re looking for a story behind the eyewear.

For eyewearhaus it is not enough to have a great frame line; we want to know the “Why” and the “How”. We love knowing why a frame has a certain name, why the designer chose certain materials And we LOVE sharing these stories with you!

Blake Kuwahara Eyewear is one such line that has a fantastic story.

This eyewear line is named after its designer, Blake Kuwahara.

As if his 30 years experience in the fashion industry isn’t enough (His eyewear has been featured in Elle, Esquire, and Vogue!), Blake, is also a doctor of optometry and has worked in the optical industry for nearly 40 years!

That’s an impressive resume. But that’s not the only reason we chose his eyewear. We choose it because of the story behind the frames.

Hand -craftedin Japan, this eyewear is made in a laminated “frame within a frame” concept.

This extremely time consuming process takes nearly 9 months to complete each pair of eyewear.

Each acetate piece of the frame consist of 3 layers. Each layer is cut to perfection.

If there should be a flaw of any type the production process is started over again, creating a perfect Blake Kuwahara piece.

This approach not only gives the collection a creative story but it also gives it a delicious boldness, depth, and a sense of artistic perfection that we love.

Every detail that goes into Blake Kuwahara eyewear is well thought out — the frame shape and color, down to the very ends of the temples; nothing is left to chance.

Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself! Schedule a shopping appointment with a Fashionista today!

Love Blake Kuwahara? You’ll love his Instagram too! Check him out @blakekuwahara. While you’re there follow us @eyewearhaus.

Photos provided by @blakekuwahara