Curbside Eyeglasses Repair and Home Delivery for Contact Lenses

We're open for Curbside Eyeglasses Repair and Home Delivery for Contact Lenses

It’s been four weeks since we turned off the neon “open” sign in our store window because of the government mandated shutdown, but we’re still open for essential business. 

For Eyeglass Repair/Replacement or to Reorder Contacts Lenses, please call us at 314-567-7423

Michael and I come in every weekday from 9 to 2. If you call and we’re not in, leave a message. When we arrive each morning, we check voicemails and return all calls. 

We’re Here When You Need Us

One of our loyal customers called last week with an eyewear emergency: She broke her only pair of prescription eyeglasses, and she needed replacement frames — quickly. 

“Come on over,” I told her. “We have while-you-wait repair service and curbside drop-off and pick-up.” 

She drove over and parked outside the store. I ran out to the car — gloves and mask on with a plastic, washable tray, I retrieved the broken eyewear. 

Then, while she waited, I worked my Optician Magic. I was able to re-fit her existing lenses into a “Best Match” frame she can wear immediately. 

I collected payment over the phone. I brought the new frames to her curbside. Gloved-up, mask on, sanitized tray in hand, I delivered her new frames to the car window. 

She looked great. Behind those lenses, her eyes smiled back at me. I could see the relief in those eyes. 

I’ve done the same for three other happy customers — two of whom were not previous clients. 

Eyeglass Repair/Replacement, delivered curbside

Pivoting During the Pandemic

Before the pandemic, we earned our local and national reputation as the premier St. Louis eyewear boutique both with unique product and service. But with the current health crisis, we’re focusing now more than ever on these essential services:

  • Eyeglass repair
  • Lost eyewear replacement
  • Contact lens re-orders (home delivery)
  • Essential accessory sales

Lost Your Glasses? Oh No!

Another client called recently after losing glasses. I was able to get a duplicate pair with lenses. 

Our Laboratory that manufacturers our lenses has been operating with a minimum crew, but they are still producing in a timely manner. They are a nationally recognized lab that truly cares about keeping the wheels of production moving, regardless of volume. 

We sanitize every pair that arrives from the lab. We still perform our quality standard inspection. 

We have arranged with customers a designated time for curbside pickup so we don’t have too many customers in the lot at the same time. We want to keep everyone at a safe distance. 

Need Contacts? We Can Deliver Them to You with No-Cost Shipping

Contact lens re-orders have kept us very busy. Our distributor has filled orders quickly and shipped directly to customers’ homes.  

Our distributor has waived shipping fees on minimum orders. 

If allergy season has made your eyes dry and itchy, call us. We have eye drops for you — Retaine MGD. We’ll take your order over the phone and give the drops to you at curbside. 

Replacement contact lenses

For Eyeglass Repair/Replacement or to Reorder Contacts Lenses, please call us at 314-567-7423

Looking Forward to Opening Our Doors

We don’t know when the government will “re-open” our economy. But we’ll be ready for you when the doors open. 

Michael and I have been working to modify the equipment opticians and doctors use so we can keep everyone safe. The work we do often places us in close facial proximity to our clients. Stay tuned for the result of this innovative, breath guard we are working on for all concerned!

With homemade masks becoming commonplace, we are even going to make our own to wear! Not only now, but these masks can be used anytime for many reasons while interacting closely with our clients. Of course, we had to pick an “eye catching “print” to use.

Material for "eye-catching' homemade masks
Material for our “eye-catching” masks

Thank You!

As we work through these challenging times, we at eyewearhaus are eternally grateful to you — our clients, Dr. Broeder and Dr. Rhomberg’s patients, our neighbors and our friends. 

Without you, we would not have this kind of love in our hearts. Our boutique may be empty, but our hearts are full as we think of you and look forward to having you in our presence again. 

And yes, we CAN see your eyes smile, keep that in mind the next time you make eye contact with that person from 6 feet away. Smile under that mask, It is visible and life changing!