Crystal Has Attitude.

Do you know what my favorite part of being an optician is?


Of course, it’s exciting to see all the latest eyewear styles.

But, my real thrill is styling clients in a frame that they would NEVER have chosen on their own.

That look of amazement makes my day.

And, I have gotten that “look” most often with Crystal eyewear.

Crystal tends to intimidate shoppers.

I think it is the battle of barely-there yet in-your-face approach that Crystal offers.

But, don’t let that stop you from giving this unique colorway a try!

Crystal Has Attitude

Crystal is crystal.

It has an attitude.

It has presences.

Crystal is a great option for the individual who is ready to amp up their eyewear game.

This uncommon colorway allows the wearer to try an exciting shape while keeping the look minimal.

Hello Vintage Round or Extreme Cat.

Whatever the shape is that you have been yearning to try…

Crystal can give you extra boost of confidence to wear it knowing that the look will not overwhelm.

Jazz It Up A Bit!

Crystal is also great for the individual who wants to add a customizable option to their wardrobe.

At eyewearhaus we love color and uniqueness; that is why we offer Edge Tinting!

An edge tint is a color added to the edge of the lens.

The reason why this is a great customizable option with a Crystal frame is that the crystal acetate pickups the color

of the edge tint giving a flash of color!

The best part is you can change the color as you wish; as this is a treatment that is done in-house!

Crystal Does Not HAVE To Be Clear.

That’s right! A few of our collections offer Crystal in COLOR.

So, if you aren’t completely sold on the complete crystal look; these colorful cousins are definitely an option!

Excited to give Crystal eyewear a try?

Be sure to let your optician know when you stop in to shop!