Couple’s Eyewearhaus Selection Makes them a Uniquely Matched Pair

Bruce and Dana Wear Matching Rigards Glasses

The eyewear will be the first thing you notice when you see Bruce and Dana Heinterleitner together.

They chose matching pairs from Rigards

…Not for the sake of “sameness…”

…Not to be boring…

…But to make a bold, unique statement.

That’s why we feature them here.

We like bold.

We like unique.

We like Bruce and Dana and their Eyewearhaus eyewear.

And they like us.

“I have been utilizing Eyewearhaus services for approximately a decade, “says Bruce.

That’s common for us — customers who have been with us for years, customers who keep coming back.

“Why do we continue to come back?” Bruce says, “Impeccable service and selection. You are family from the moment you walk through the doors. “

That’s what we love to hear.

Yep. Bruce and Dana are like family to us. That’s how we treat all of our customers.

We’re proud to feature our family members who look great and feel great about their eyewear wardrobe.

Bruce gets it: “Eyewearhaus will help find a look that will become uniquely yours. Our latest is a matched set from Rigards.

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