Summertime Blues

It’s summertime! Let’s break out the BBQ pit, the pool toys and, of course, those sunglasses! But what about those who suffer from the summertime blues?

“In fact, it turns out plenty of people don't find bliss during summer. The hot, bright, long days turn them into gigantic grump buckets or make them genuinely sick. From vacation envy and arm-flab anxiety to actual summer-onset seasonal affective disorder (yes, it exists)…” there are plenty of situations to affect your summertime happiness (Krueger 2013) [see attached link for reference].

However at eyewearhaus, we want to give the summertime blues a different connotation: Come take a look at the uniquely handcrafted frames we have in every hue of blue you could ever use in your wardrobe. From world renowned lines such as Lindberg, J.F. Rey, Ronit Furst, L.A. Eyeworks (which is currently featured in our half price collection), and Anne&Valentin we can offer to you the best handmade frames crafted from the utmost quality of materials to add a dash of blue spice to your color palette. Have no fear: if blue is not your hue, we have many other colors from which to choose.