Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A "mother" is defined as someone who not only gave birth to her child, but also someone who brings up a child with love and affection. This latter part of the definition really strikes a chord with us, because we believe that family does not necessarily mean blood relation. We show appreciation for the mothers in our office every day, but especially on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is Sunday May 11th this year. Have you picked out the gift you want to give your mom (or "mom-like" figure) to show your appreciation of her? We have many items that would make the most unique gifts including sunglasses (who doesn't need sunglasses?!), handcrafted glass beaded jewelry from our local glass artisit Wendy Harris, and hand painted silk clothing. We pride ourselves on possessing the most creative and eclectic eyewear, and we are excited to extend the eclection to other areas of your wardrobe. Come in before May 11th to grab the perfect, unique gift for your mom (or "mom-like" figure) to show her you are thinking about her and appreciate her love this Mother's Day.