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Please feel free to contact us at EYEWEARHAUS if you are interested in buying unique eyewear from internationally known top designers. You can contact EYEWEARHAUS by visiting our boutique in St. Louis, MO or by completing our contact form. If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule a professional eye exam or an appointment to select unique eyeglasses that fit your style, please contact us today.

Schedule an Eye Exam or Contact Exam.

​If you are interested in any of the unique eyewear you have seen on our website, please contact EYEWEARHAUS to schedule an eye exam at our unique boutique in St. Louis. In addition, our eye doctor can also perform contact eye exams to help you determine which type of contacts will work the best for your eyes.

​At our eyewear boutique, we strive to provide our customers with the best care and results. Therefore, if you schedule an eye exam with our professional doctor, you will receive the personalized care and consultation, which you deserve. Following your annual eye exam at EYEWEARHAUS, we will be happy to assist you in looking through our selection of unique eyeglasses in order to choose the eyewear that fits your personality and style.

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If you are interested in buying unique eyeglasses or sunglasses from some of the world's top eyewear designers, stop by our boutique in Creve Coeur today. We have been supplying the St. Louis area with some of the most interesting styles in designer eyewear since 1970, and we would be happy to assist you in finding your new pair of glasses. Even if you already have a current prescription from another eye care provider, we welcome you to visit our unique eyewear boutique to find a wide selection of glasses that cannot be found elsewhere in the St. Louis area.