When A Delay Is A Good Thing!

A few weeks ago, we kept one of our clients waiting for a new pair of eyewear.  He couldn’t be happier. We couldn’t be prouder.  We know. It seems odd to brag about leaving a client waiting. But the client, Chris, explains what happened.  “Recently I purchased a pair of frames for my wife. With…

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When Limited Is What You Really Want!

Vickie in her Wissing Eyewear

Who wants to wear frames that everyone else is wearing? Vickie doesn’t. That’s why she — and others who like to be one-of-a-kind — choose eyewearhaus. Vickie’s favorite line is Wissing. She loves how every pair of Wissing eyewear is like no other. Each has a unique rainbow pattern. No two frames share the same…

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Raul’s Eyewear Wardrobe Complements His Style

Photo of Raul

When you have interesting eyewear on people notice. You get stopped in a store, restaurant, and on the street. Ask Raul. He’ll tell you it’s happened to him. That figures. He has a great eyewear wardrobe — never boring, lots of variety. He could write the book: “How To Gracefully Take An Eyeglass Compliment!” (We’d…

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Couple’s Eyewearhaus Selection Makes them a Uniquely Matched Pair

Bruce and Dana Wear Matching Rigards Glasses

The eyewear will be the first thing you notice when you see Bruce and Dana Heinterleitner together. They chose matching pairs from Rigards… …Not for the sake of “sameness…” …Not to be boring… …But to make a bold, unique statement. That’s why we feature them here. We like bold. We like unique. We like Bruce…

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Eyewearhaus Rocks with Unique Styles

Martha Rocks in Her Unique Eyewear from Eyewearhaus

Martha was a lead singer in a rock-and-roll band.  She had the voice. She had all the moves. She knew how to rock.  But she didn’t have the unique look that reflected her rockin’ style… …until she got her custom eyewear from Eyewearhaus.  “When I first visited Eyewearhaus, I was the lead female Vocalist for…

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World Travelers Know: eyewearhaus is Best on Earth

Before travel ground to a halt, Christina used to journey the globe. Everywhere she went, she popped into eyewear boutiques in search of new wardrobe statements. “I love my eyewear because I like to express different aspects of my personality,” she told us. She searched high and low, from Tuscaloosa to Timbuktu. Try as she…

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